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By "we", I mean "I" because I am only one person. I just say "we" to sound more professional.

Web site design and development

How much does it cost?

This is the first question everyone asks. And you will probably still ask it, so this is for my benifit as much as yours: It varies.

At one end of the spectrum only one person may be employed for 8 hours to make a website. My hourly rate is $55 inclusive of GST, so do the math (add hosting cost as below) and consider this the entry level cost.

More established businesses may need to employ the work of an graphic artist, a photographer, a film maker or to constantly be programming new functionality. Because it is imposible to know all the requirements of a project at the start of it's life cycle (when the developer has only just met the stakeholders), it is silly to focus on trying to determine a quote at this stage. You can however determine what your priorities are, and what your budget and timeframe is for completing the most important of these.

By dividing up your project into milestones, you can come up with a productive rythym: communicate the requirement to the developer → solution is developed → you asses the quality of the solution and delivery speed → you respond to new requirements or changes in your organisation and communicate these to the developer again.

We will discuss what we might expect to have finished after one week's worth of work. For the smallest projects, often after the week's work is complete (including some training), you will be in a position to either proceed with completion of the project on your own (if you have more time than money). For the biggest project, this could be considered the honeymoon period, and if you're not happy with the working relationship and you don't see value in fixing it: you can cut your losses. You might even be one week closer to achieving your goal - stranger things have happened.

Web site hosting


As a graphic designer, I have had a lot experience procuring web hosting services, but I have always been dissatisfied with the customer service provided by the huge companies which dominate the industry. I set about learning Linux administration, and continue to learn to this day. I currently use a virtual private server in Sydney, to host the web sites I work on.


My blog hosting fee is $110p/a inc GST (This does not include domain name registration). You can find hosting elsewhere at least $10 cheaper. I recommend you try speaking to them on the phone before you get to excited about your cost savings.


I have collaborated on design and development projects with Made By Ronnoco, Luke Oliver, Good Eye Deer, Pocket Design and Deadstock. I am a member of The Roost Creative, and between us, we have the skills with which, we can help you pay the bills.